why NTT DATA cloud

The Cloud is the new transformation springboard for companies. At NTT DATA we have had a great deal of experience and success in accompanying companies through their various technological transformations; transformations which also imply cultural changes, the redesigning of processes, financial considerations, and much more, in which our experience is a guarantee of success.
NTT DATA cloud. why NTT DATA cloud
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

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NTT DATA is part of NTT Data, the 6th largest company in the world in the IT sector, operating in over 40 countries, generating $13.5 thousand million dollars in income every year, and employing over 80,000 professionals.
In turn NTT Data is one of the main divisions of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), which is one of the most important ICT companies in the world. The NTT group has a select group of world IT and telecommunications services within the company. It provides IT and telecommunications services throughout the world.
NTT DATA cloud. why NTT DATA cloud?. NTT group

NTT Group generates a business volume of $95 thousand million annually. At NTT Group we work with 85 of the 100 top companies featured in the Fortune Global 100 magazine, and we have offices and continue to grow in the main geographical regions. From there, we provide services and technical advice to all our clients.

  • America: 15 countries, 10 Data Centres, 19,000 employees.
  • Europe, African and the Middle East: 53 countries, 32 Data Centres, 35,000 employees.
  • Asia, Pacific: 18 countries, 29 Data Centres, 27,000 employees.
  • Japan: 173 Data Centres, 160,000 employees.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • NTT DATA directly assists clients in companies throughout the world to grow through an optimized, proven technological transformation.
  • NTT DATA has vast experience in legacy systems, which facilitates a secure digital transformation to the Cloud in hybrid environments, which will be the most requested in the short term.
  • NTT DATA has a set of methodologies, tools, assets and experience in hybrid environments, which make us the most experienced “sherpa” for your journey through Cloud adoption and transformation. We are the best travelling companion you can have in this new challenge.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • At NTT DATA, we manage infrastructures and projects in 23 countries in the 3 main areas of the world / EMEA, APAC, NAR and LATAM.
  • For 17 years we have been managing technological infrastructures, and for 8 years we have been using Cloud and pre-Cloud solutions.
  • Over 1,500 NTT DATA professionals focussed on accompanying companies through their digital transformation.
  • Almost one hundred thousand servers managed throughout the world, with over 25% in the Cloud.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


This is a list of our main partners, which make possible our method of adoption for the Cloud.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

success stories

Here you can look at a series of success stories related to our method of adoption for the Cloud.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


In order to learn about the scope of our services, or be given answers to any doubts you may have, please get in touch with us.