We are top 5 Cloud Computing Vendors in Spain


Quint Consulting report about Cloud Computing market in Spain has been published.

The report has counted on the involvement of the big firms which operate in the spanish market, which are already planning to, or, are actually developing projects of cloud transformation.

Among other report issues, it focuses on the perception of these companies about Cloud Computing suppliers in Spain; when it comes to selecting these vendors the organization assess “the functions which are offered and the unity price“.
Also take into account other relevant aspects such as competitiveness, agility and the flexibility of Cloud operators to adapt to the consumer’s demands and necessities.

Acording to the report, the interviewed companies regard NTT (everis), in the top five, as an option they would consider hiring to develop the cloud adoption, both in IaaS and PaaS only behind Microsoft, Amazon Web Service, IBM y Google.

In order to classify them, the companies have taken into account their strong inclination towards cloud or the fact that they have clearly reinforced their bet in this line.

This report reassures our compromise with adopting Cloud Computing and the strong bet we are promoting from NTT DATA, as well as, our compromise to become much more than just guides, Sherpas. We warrent you experience, trust and independence; we are ready to go on the cloud journey which will take our clients to the top as we make sure to draw the best route, personalising and making it suitable for each client with a quality guarantee and total security, counting on the best team possible.

We would like to thank you for putting your trust in us, we shall go on working from one base camp to another in order to reach the summit.

NTT DATA  cloud adoption journey


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