The NTT DATA ehCOS SmartICU intelligent solution is entering its final phase of testing at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital

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Final testing phase under way for ehCOS SmartICU

NTT DATA has announced the roll-out of the final phase of testing for the ehCOS SmartICU intelligent solution at the Virgen de Rocío University Hospital, in Seville.

During this final project phase, a system of alerts will be incorporated, with the aim of preventing the most common episodes in the intensive care units, such as septic shock, hypoxemia, and hypertension. Furthermore, in this final phase 22 new beds from the Traumatology and Burns ICU will be included.

“Our solution uses patients’ data in real time to predict potential complications, hours before the event occurs, sending alerts to fixed and mobile computer devices in the clinics. With earlier intervention we can achieve more efficient recovery for patients in the ICUs”, explained Dr. Tsuyoshi Kitani, executive vice-president of NTT DATA.
Thanks to these early alerts, it is also possible to apply policies to improve efficiency and organization in ICU areas, in addition to optimizing the use of human and physical resources, while the quality of patient care and safety is improved.

“An additional benefit of the use of these alerts is there use in the training of young doctors and nurses. In real time, they can objectify the importance that early intensive treatment, from the initial variable that has greatest impact on the appearance of the damaging event, has for a positive modification of the course of the process”, explained Dr. Francisco Murillo, head of Intensive Care services at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, and main project researcher.

For his part, Rafael Garrido, NTT DATA Managing Partner, affirmed that “through this solution, developed by NTT DATA and NTT Data, in conjunction with an experienced team of critical care clinics, an important step is being taken towards the creation of a digital and more intelligent ICU”.

Patient monitoring from any mobile device

Another novelty which is being introduced during this phase of the pilot scheme is the roll-out of a mobile application which will allow clinics to follow the evolution of critical patients from their mobile devices. Through this, they will be able to access monitoring data for patients in real time, information regarding the episode, laboratory results, the state of administration of medicines, and the history of losses, together with the management of transfer, if necessary.

Ease of learning and usability, keys to ehCOS SmartICU

From the start of the ehCOS SmartICU project, it has been implemented in 4 intensive care units at the hospital, where 224 health professionals have attended 762 patients with its help.

Through this solution, developed by everis, NTT Data and clinical professionals from the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, steps are taken towards the creation of a more intelligent digital ICU. The automatic recording of information, from devices and systems connected to the patient, facilitates greater dedication to attention and care by the professional. Through this, it significantly increases patient safety, as it allows doctors and nurses to have all the clinical information for their ICU episode from one second to the next. In addition, by allowing access to the patient’s medical records, it provides greater support for health professionals and promotes more precise decision-making.

As it is a system developed by a joint team of health professionals and engineers, an intuitive, user-friendly tool has been created, thus ensuring that the process of technological adoption has taken place in a fast, simple manner. With ehCOS SmartICU, new users joining the system only need a few hours of training to begin using the tool autonomously, as it is integrated with their daily work flow.

Further information regarding the ehCOS solution

You can find further information regarding this solution here.

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