success story: Santillana Digital Businesses

Cloud integration architecture for Santillana Digital Businesses, basing the entire infrastructure on Amazon AWS systems, which is cost-efficient, monitorisable and scalable, in order to absorb both current and future demand.
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


Santillana Digital Business puts all its systems infrastructure on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) and its applications architecture, for the interaction of various educational services. Thus, it requires a Cloud-based integration architecture which is efficient, robust, and scalable.

Furthermore, it must facilitate the consumption of services via the applications which are integrated in a standard, measurable way.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The tasks performed covered the definition, viability analysis, and implementation of the architecture:

  • Definition of the deployment architecture on the Amazon Cloud, selecting the necessary pieces for self-scaling (balancers, Cloud-based databases, etc.).
  • Definition and development of the execution architecture on Mule ESB, extending components to use IaaS services, and incorporating Auditing, Trackability, Security and Error Management components.
  • Implementation and validation of the SIF model in broker mode, extendible to other standards (LIS).
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The rapid growth of systems and stored information, as well as their versatility, make it essential to have a reliable system for managing them and also meeting future needs.

NTT DATA offers work teams specialized in the implementation of solutions that guarantee availability, security, reliability and speed of access to applications and their data, on different platforms and cloud solutions.

  • Santillana has an integration platform which is efficient with respect to costs, and can be monitored and scaled in parallel, to absorb both current and future demand.
  • The creation of a product on Mule ESB, taking advantage of the capabilities of AWS, will facilitate the future incorporation of new capabilities which appear on the platform.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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