success story: International insurer

Cloud Architecture support for an international insurance company, covering Business Architecture (incorporation of the Cloud as development platform), Solutions Architecture (identification of projects to be incorporated on Cloud architectures), and Applications Architecture (analysis and plan to transfer applications to an IaaS platform).
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


This insurance company was in the process of adopting the Cloud strategy defined by its parent group, for which it needed backing in the roll-out of new capabilities on the existing architecture, and alignment with the project roadmap within the framework of its @2020 transformation program.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


This collaboration took place through the services we provided from NTT DATA to the IT Architecture area:

  • Business Architecture: governance of the incorporation of the Cloud as a platform for the construction of applications. Elaboration of Cloud Permit.
  • Solutions Architecture: analysis of the portfolio of evolution projects for the systems map, and identification of candidates for the incorporation of Cloud architectures allowed by Group.
  • Applications Architecture: analysis and Cloudification plan for the movement of core applications to an IaaS platform. An understanding and testing of the concept of the OpenPaaS (Openshift based) platform as an alternative for the construction of new digital applications.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • The Architecture team from the insurance company served as a link between the policies and technological capacities provided by the Group, and the day-to-day IT needs and projects.
  • An ordered Cloud roll-out was achieved within the organization, both for IT and for the Business, through the work of the Service Delivery Cloud team.
  • The bases are laid down in order to obtain maximum benefit from the use of the Cloud, while in parallel managing to maintain homogeneity and reuse, and meeting the defined policy.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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