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An innovation experience to deploy a microservices architecture implementing a development life cycle on a PaaS platform; checking the benefits for scalability and self-management; and experimenting in a practical manner with its paradigms (liquid architecture, multi-language, DevOps).
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


Deployment of a microservices architecture to implement the development life cycle on a PaaS platform, checking the benefits of scalability and agile development of a Cloud platform, and overcoming any possible limitations or adjustments that may occur.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


To do this, we work in the following areas:

  • The development of an application based on micro-architecture services; this application will focus on the following factors: Multi-language and frameworks: Using Cloud Spring netflix, Ionic, Vertx, Python.
  • Decoupled division between the presentation layer, routing and services.
  • The implementation of management tools within the development cycle which allow the construction, deployment and governability of software using the capacities of PaaS, and adding those that were not foreseen.
  • Performance testing and service management in the Cloud, to validate the functions of scalability and self-management for the Cloud platform.

The OpenShift platform allows a complete view of the various factors when implementing an application based on the new paradigms; liquid applications and DevOps on a PaaS platform.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • The installation and configuration of a private OpenShift product in the Cloud.
  • Application using the paradigm of a liquid, multi-language architecture.
  • Check-list for the implementation of architecture based on micro-execution services on a Cloud platform.
  • Development architecture for integrated solutions with Cloud platforms.
  • Application of performance reports on a Cloud platform.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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