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Definition and implementation of the strategy, business model, business case and Cloud computing technology, systems and networks infrastructure for ETB company (Bogotá Telecommunications Company ;”Empresa de Telecommunicaciones de Bogotá”, in Spanish) for exploring new business within its strategic plan.
NTT DATA cloud. casos de éxito. etb. logo

NTT DATA cloud. casos de éxito. etb

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The Empresa de Telecommunicationes de Bogotá, the largest Telco operator in Bogotá, and the fourth largest in the country, needs to explore new business within its strategic plan, such as Cloud Computing, in order to make it more competitive in the market, offering added-value services, and taking advantage of the significant captive market of Telephone and Internet provision.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The consultancy was divided between the following 5 fronts:

Front 1: Strategy

  • Alternatives were defined, and in conjunction with ETB the best strategy for the development of Cloud Computing was selected.

Front 2: Commercial and marketing

  • A commercial strategy was defined, along with the associated market for the Cloud computing business, under the defined business model.

Front 3: Operations and processes

  • The operational model was defined at a senior level for the main processes (i.e. sales, provisioning, assurance, service and customer care), together with the impact on the organization and personnel.

Front 4: IT Work

  • Based on current information (internal, regarding ETB’s own capacities, and from the market) the current situation was analysed, and in conjunction with ETB the best solution for the provision of Cloud Computing was selected, taking into account business objectives and the network and IT systems infrastructure.

Front 5: Financial work

  • To provide ETB with a business case for the defined strategy, on order to bring about the identified business opportunities.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • A market study was performed based on primary and secondary sources, and the size of the market for Cloud Computing was defined for ETB for all segments.
  • A business model and IaaS services portfolio was defined for the SaaS Corporate and Marketplace segment for SMEs.
  • Net present value and expected profitability were defined under 3 scenarios -pessimistic, optimistic, and realistic- in order to present a validation of business viability to the president and senior management of ETB.
  • A business implementation plan was designed and approved.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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