success story: Agrupación Mutual Aseguradora

A Cloud solution to internationally expand the operations of this prestigious insurer, supported on an architecture based on Amazon Web Services, and designed in collaboration with the Client’s systems and security teams, in compliance with security and reliability criteria.

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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


AMA Seguros is one of the main insurance companies within the Spanish market dedicated to health professionals in various areas of insurance.

Since 2015, it has been expanding its operations in various countries in Latin-America. This decision requires a prudent investment model  which maintains all the premises of an insurance company, such as: security, reliability, data protection, etc., being able to make an incursion into these markets with the lowest possible operational and financial risk.

An approach based on a Cloud model dovetailed with the challenge set by AMA, avoiding investment, and aligning costs with the business.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


Work was carried out in conjunction with the client’s systems and security teams, together with insurance systems development teams, to design a Cloud-based solution meeting the following requirements:

  • Secure.
  • Compliance with data protection.
  • Scalable based on the business.
  • Pay-per-use model.
  • Could be integrated with central systems.

Starting from these premises, an architecture was designed based on Amazon Web Services, on which the core insurer was deployed, with all the necessary security and operational layers, and a scalable model capable of adapting to the needs of the business in real time. In this way very low costs were maintained, while achieving constant availability and independence from the demand generated on the system.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • Elimination of the initial investment on infrastructures and licences.
  • Deployment of systems in under 1 week.
  • Availability of the environment greater than 99.98% during the first year.
  • Capacity to easily expand into new countries.
  • Maintenance of costs in line with the business generated.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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