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These days it is common to find a focus on hybrid infrastructures. Clients need to integrate their traditional infrastructures with the new Cloud environments, but they need to keep them under control.
Thus, the tools used on the Cloud Management Platform – CMP, seek a centralized management tool which allow them to manage their traditional infrastructures in a unified way, while developing new infrastructures in the Cloud. Clients can manage the processes of implementation, billing, their processes, their client’s portals, and any other characteristics, independently of the final infrastructure.
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


CMP is a tool which must be integrated with the client’s installations. NTT DATA will work with the client to analyse their needs, and the current infrastructure model. Then we will help the client to build or deploy their current catalogue of services on the upper layer of the CPM, and integrate it from a technical point of view with the various infrastructure providers, local providers and Cloud providers. The solution can be implemented within the client’s installations, and can also be offered under a SaaS model.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

deliverables and assets

The deliverables and assets generated through this service are the following:

  • Architectonic design.
  • Technical design of the hybrid Cloud.
  • New catalogue of services, adapted to the new environment.
  • Implementation of the CPM tool.
  • Self-service portal for end users.
  • Billing management solution.
  • Integration of client’s ITSM processes.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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