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application support

Applications which are executed within Cloud environments using PaaS solutions require a specific support team. NTT DATA provides infrastructure architecture support for the various solutions, in order for us to guarantee the correct design, performance, and deployment within a Cloud environment.
The L2 and L3 teams responsible for 24×7 services have the necessary knowledge to carry out this type of workload, and provide the best support for this type of architecture. Our teams work in close collaboration with the client’s development teams and technicians, to design and operate the applications under a Cloud-friendly model, thus guaranteeing that we get the best from the Cloud.
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


To do this, we work in the following areas:

  • Architectonic design. We support the teams involved in development, solutions and software architects in the deployment of Cloud applications.
  • We prepare all the deployment and continuous integration tools for production.
  • Our technical team provides 24×7 support for the production solution in a Cloud-friendly environment.
  • We fully integrate with the monitoring services, in order to obtain a detailed overall vision of the application’s performance.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

deliverables and assets

The deliverables and assets generated through this service are the following:

  • Architecture design.
  • Advanced support for infrastructure in the Cloud.
  • Focus on continuous integration and deployment.
  • Operational support documentation.
  • Management procedures.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


In order to learn about the scope of our services, or be given answers to any doubts you may have, please get in touch with us.