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Full stack monitoring for a solution running on the Cloud. It provides three different perspectives for the solution: regarding the business, the technique, and the infrastructure to guarantee the expected performance of and solution executed on the upper layer of a Cloud architecture from any point of view.
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


To implement full stack monitoring is a complex task which involves at least three different areas; business, applications teams and infrastructure teams.

NTT DATA works with the client or third-party teams to meet all the requirements involved in this type of supervision, looking at:

  • Understanding business needs, and helping to define the KPI to be monitored, and how to monitor them.
  • In accordance with the various technical teams to be supervised, and providing them with tools to carry out this task.
  • The infrastructure teams will define the KPI and umbrellas which are to be monitored.
  • Correlating all the KPI, and defining a business-infrastructure relational model, in order to be able to provide rapid diagnosis.
  • Adding all these KPI to automate technical decisions such as auto-scale or auto-remediate.

In addition to this advanced monitoring, in the requests for teams we can implement specific advanced monitoring for specific key elements (for example, java virtual machines, first byte CDN latency, etc.).

Finally, our focus is ready to integrate all the information obtained in the area of monitoring to be fully used within a machine learning environment, in order to be able to take predictive action in the services.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

deliverables and assets

The deliverables and assets generated through this service are the following:

  • Detailed monitoring documents.
  • Standard modular monitoring tool housed as SaaS, or within the client’s installations.
  • Automation processes based on supervision KPI.
  • Correlation of logs.
  • Logs services for technical teams.
  • Integration with predictive tools.
  • Control panels which are completely managed by the client’s users.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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