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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


To accelerate their digital transformation processes, incorporating new capacities within the company with minimum impact. Through a way of doing things which employs the following qualities:

  • Agility (configuration, evolution)
  • Security (robust, free from hacking)
  • Control (single data point)
  • Economical (no hardware investment, pay-per-use)

Using our innovative solutions on the Cloud which are directly related to sales, promotion, and payment process.

  • Real time
  • Customized (data-driven)
  • Multi-channel, multi-device
  • Interconnected (social networks, P2P)
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey



  • The main aim is to simplify the activation and management of new solutions.
  • That is to say, single point platform business applications.

Digital sales:

  • Built to automate and open up new ways to generate sales.
  • That is to say, POS, ecommerce, marketplace, electronic tickets, invoicing.

Promotion – Loyalty:

  • Generate experiences which influence the behaviour of the buyer.
  • That is to say, Real-time Marketing, the provision of loyalty cards, loyalty 2.0, sending out cards.


  • Integrate the payment process within an overall payment experience.
  • That is to say, POS, terminal services, PCI services, PSP.

Sectoral solutions:

  • Incorporate new specific features to the vertical sector.
  • Integration of third-party or specific vertical solutions.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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