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ehCOS SaaS

ehCOS SaaS is a suite of eHealth products developed by NTT DATA for the health sector, which has an Electronic Clinical History based on the patient, and new-generation clinical processes, together with a set of solutions and tools for administrative and hospital management, to share patient information between health organizations through a network, exploit data for the administrative and strategic management of the organization and clinical management, and help with decision-making and an increase in the quality and security of patient care.
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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The suite is developed on an innovative, prize-winning open technological architecture designed by NTT DATA in response to the latest technological trends, in accordance with the 5 cases for use recently published by the American Medical Informatics Association, for  open, interoperable electronic clinical histories, called EXTREME: EXtract, TRansmit, Exchange, Move and Embed, and its own transformation model which takes into account the application users, processes and technology.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

who is it for?

ehCOS if for all health professionals. ehCOS is aimed at public and private organizations within the health sector, and provides health professionals with the tools to facilitate access to the patients’ information, clinical and administrative management, and the analysis and exploitation of data, in order to improve health care in less time and with maximum security.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The main aim of the technology should be to serve people and improve the health of patients, clinical processes, and the profitability of hospital centres. ehCOS helps health professionals to dedicate themselves 100% to their passion, to analyse, share, collaborate and exchange information before, during and after the care.  At the end of the day, the patient is the greatest beneficiary!.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


ehCOS has its own methodological approach to eHealth products, based on three basic pillars; people, processes and technologies:

  • People
    • Clinical and administrative leadership, and commitment to eHealth.
    • Methodology for change management.
    • Training and communication.
  • Processes
    • Clinical processes.
    • Lean Healthcare methodology.
    • Quality and security for the patient.
    • Cost-oriented.
  • Technology
    • Latest technological trends (Cloud, mobile, big data, wearable).
    • Robust, flexible, scalable, standards-based.
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


ehCOS products are developed using NTT DATA experience in the implementation of eHealth projects, and from a clinical point of view from the outset. The SUITE can grow solidly and rapidly, thanks to the innovative model of co-creation and co-innovation, which allows for constant evolution, enriched by the contribution from clients, partners and collaborators which make up its ehCOSystem.

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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

further information

ehCOS is a strategic initiative from NTT DATA health, and has its own website. If you require further information, we recommend that you visit it via this link.

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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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