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digital preservation: Amlad

Digital preservation came about through the need for organizations, mainly within the cultural environment, to guarantee that digitized information could be preserved and continue to be used in the future, independently of technological changes. With the continuous changes in information technologies, there is more and more original digital content which must be preserved, while maintaining integrity, authenticity, reliability, legibility, and functionality.
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The objectives of a digital preservation project are:

  • The long-term preservation of digital content.
  • The making available of these assets.

NTT Data (the owner of everis) decided, in 2010, to develop a tool based on the OAIS standard, to support organizations in the process of long-term digital preservation: AMLAD.

AMLAD also covers the needs for digital preservation and archiving (especially for Governments and international organizations) for the archiving of documentation and administrative content which require a safeguard in the medium term for legal reasons and/or, in the long term, for its historical value.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

needs to be addressed

Preservation is a relatively new market for both private and government organizations. For many years, organizations within the cultural environment have developed implementation projects for digital preservation tools. However, the market is much larger, and the need arises in various client typologies, with specific needs, which we describe below:

  • Cultural sector: preservation and publication of a cultural archive.
  • Justice: preservation of case files and the publication of case law.
  • Governments: preservation and publication of administrative files, and others of a historical nature.
  • Health: preservation of clinical histories and images; the publication of clinical images.
  • International organizations: preservation of administrative files; preservation of historical files.
  • Other organizations: the need for archiving in the medium and long term.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


AMLAD is a system designed to preserve multiple digital data, and make it accessible to the public through the Internet, based on the OAIS standard. The objectives of a digital preservation project are:

  • The long-term preservation of digital content.
  • The making available of these assets.

A project of this nature normally features 3 phases:

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  • Records:
    • Content analysis.
    • Typification of content in accordance with market patterns.
    • Definition of METS patterns by typology.
    • Definition of intake process.
    • Intake execution.
  • Preservation:
    • Selection of preservation formats
    • Estimation of storage
  • Publication and search:
    • Selection of publication formats
    • Definition of search typologies
    • Definition of DRM associated with content
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

key factors

Why is AMLAD better than other similar products from the competition?

  • Technically:
    1. It full complies with the OAIS (Open Archival Information Service) model.
    2. It provides a series of multi-device displays.
    3. It provides DRM management and non-intrusive watermarks.
  • Economically:
    1. As it is a Cloud solution, a monthly payment quota can be established.
    2. It is based on open source software, so clients do not have to obtain additional licences.
    3. There is no dependence on hardware or software infrastructures.
  • Cloud Model:
    1. The provision of multiple replicas distributed locally or regionally.
    2. The use of CDN (Content delivery networks) to replicate content in various regions, and accelerate content consultation.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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