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cloud native

We help you create new native Cloud solutions, providing a development platform for Cloud applications which allow you to achieve a differential level of scalability, quality and time-to-market, in line with the needs of the digital business.
We help you take your systems map to this platform, minimizing risk, and with a practical, industrialized focus.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • We follow Cloud-native development best practice based on open-source standards and solutions which determine our Cloud framework in a Platform as a Service model (PaaS).
  • The experience accumulated regarding various Cloud typologies from various vendors – public, private, hybrid, Open Source, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – helps us to create a set of benchmark parametrized architectures for the Cloud in various domains: digital channels & portals, IoT, big data, transactional web applications (microservices), and mobility.
  • We adapt our reference framework to the technical solutions of providers. We have reusable components and templates.
  • We work with PaaS application solutions for the development of business software, and we can construct your scalable applications architecture in the Cloud based on open solutions.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


  • Reduction of time-to-market.
  • Facilitation of innovation, with agile development platforms.
  • Scalability and elasticity of the technical platform.
  • End-to-end monitoring, from the business to the systems.
  • Integration with on-premise systems.
  • Security and compliance with regulations.
  • Support for legacy applications and hybrid scenarios.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

solutions and assets

Benchmark architectures and implementations on the main platforms.

  • Cloud application platforms: microservices, containers, orchestration, integration PaaS, BPM as a service.
  • Cloud elastic platforms: auto-scaling, self-healing, multitenant.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

architectural models

our model for Cloud architecture

Our architecture model for Cloud applications allows us to define value solutions for the Business, taking full advantage of the components on each Cloud platform, and ensuring scalability, elasticity, failure tolerance, performance and security.
NTT DATA Cloud. Cloud native. Cloud applications architecture model

This model includes the following areas:

  • Application Layer: reusable components for the reconstruction of native components in the Cloud.
  • Data Layer: flexible, scalable information storage, together with the tools necessary to exploit and obtain the maximum value from data.
  • Processes & Integration: transversal solutions which facilitate the implementation of business processes, and integration between the various services making up the system.
  • Cloud Application Services: added value services provided by the Cloud platform, which accelerate the construction of “pay-per-use” applications.
  • IaaS: providing self-service for infrastructure elements which sustain the application components.
  • Security: capacities to control the identities of system users, authorize access to various components, and audit their operations in accordance with the policies defining them.
  • Operation: assuring that the system can be monitored and managed in an simple way by the operations team.

PaaS applications architecture

Our PaaS model incorporates components for the accelerated, efficient development of Cloud-native business applications, on a self-scaling platform which is integrated end-to-end with the processes of continuous delivery.

  • On an application-layer level, we consider the development of light web applications, the deployment of “microservices” , including the technological stack itself, and the development of functions such as service within a serverless.
  • On a platform level, the inclusion of a “Containers as a Service” (CaaS) allows us to have a massively scalable and easily automated and replicated execution environment.
NTT DATA cloud. cloud native. Cloud applications architecture model. PaaS

Data&Analytics applications architecture

Our Data & Analytics architecture in the Cloud allows the creation of data dedicated systems which are massively scalable and natively integrated with the Cloud execution platforms.

The Cloud provides the ideal platform for Big Data applications, as it has the necessary elasticity to grow, both in terms of storage capacity and in processing.  The main conditioning factors to take into account with technological providers are those related to ensuring compliance with data protection policies, and the transfer costs between on-premise and Cloud systems.

NTT DATA cloud. cloud native. cloud applications architecture model. Data & Analytics

Mobility applications architecture

Our mobility architecture in the Cloud extends the applications benchmark architecture to include components which facilitate the decoupling of devices on a development level, and incorporate new features, such as the possibility to work off-line, and synchronize data once connected.
NTT DATA cloud. cloud native. mcloud applications architecture model. Mobility

Microservices applications architecture

Our microservices benchmark architecture incorporates the main templates and standard components on the market, to ensure efficiency, not only in development, but also in deployment and operation, in such a way that it is possible to manage and monitor a high number of components with interdependence relationships in a decoupled manner, ensuring massive horizontal scalability.
NTT DATA cloud. cloud native. cloud applications architecture model. Microservices
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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