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Why DevOps?

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Cloud Platform for Continuous Productivity
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01 Why Devops?

Altemista. Everis. Why Devops? Cloud Platform for Continuous Productivity

“At first everything was darkness, we spent the days opening paths on the rocks, in gloom, slow, very slow.”

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Fluid architectures

New programming languages, paradigms, frameworks (micro-services, multi-device, …)
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Tools that facilitate the external tasks to the development (deployment, test, management of the surroundings, …)

Key Market Drivers

Requirement for standardized platform for continuous delivery of Software.
Cost reduction and superior service quality.
Need to automate software development.
Need to shorten time to market.

Altemista. Everis. Key market drivers

DevOps is an approach to software development that involves better collaboration among development and operations functions to reduce cycle time between development inception and release, as well as production.
The IT industry is transforming itself in an effort to manage next-generation technologies designed to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and promote agility.
DevOps tools are becoming more popular because they provide a holistic IT environment for the automation of software development processes.
DevOps works on the principle of collaborative work management systems by combining people, processes, and technology. It is certainly more than a technology and methodology for software developers, as DevOps solutions not only connect development processes and operational processes but also add value at every stage of the supply chain management of software products.

DevOps Barriers

Standardization of execution environments is a mandatory prerequisite for beginning automation.
Altemista. Everis. DevOps barriers
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