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Altemista. Everis. Cloud Platform
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04 Our Offering Cloud Platform

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Our Different Offering

Altemista cloud platform is available in two models: Public dedicated and Private.
Public dedicated SaaS:
The client has the platform under dedicated infrastructure in our facilities.
The customer can deploy the platform within their data center.
In that way, the customer can select the most appropriate service according to his safety requirements .
Once the mode is selected, the client will be able to manage the platform through the services portal, which allows the creation of services, the management of users and the customization of the service catalog.

Altemista. Everis. Our Different Offering

Service Catalogue

Altemista cloud platform provides a full service catalogue based on different domains:
Infrastructure: Allows to create computing, network and storage resources.
Middleware: Allows to create different application runtimes, artificial intelligence and integration solutions based on multilanguage support and channels orientation.
Development: Allows to create assembly environments based on CI/CD suite tools.
Management: Allows to create governance, monitor and report infrastructure and software usage of all cloud services.
This is a live ecosystem where NTT DATA is continuous adding new vertical and cross solutions based on open source and cloud native technologies.

Altemista. Everis. Service catalogue

Our Offering in public Cloud

Public dedicated cloud
/ SaaS /
This is usually the ideal option for teams that want to get to work quickly and easily, as well as for those who do not want to worry about the technical complexity that would be accommodating themselves.
NTT DATA hosts and configures your set of DevOps tools in the cloud. NTT DATA takes the responsibility for the setup, the infrastructure, the security and maintenance of your instances. Customers get instant access to new feature releases and automatic upgrades, alleviating the need for manual work to your internal systems.
Flexible Pricing
Based on infrastructure used, on the number of users, on the number of instances, on the number of applications, on the number of agents.
Dedicate resources for each client, no sharing with others, platform administrated.
Automatic Back-up/DR site.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack and OpenShift.
1-10 Gbits internet connectivity best effort, no traffic limitation. VPN-IP Sec can be established anytime. High speed MPLS connectivity available.
Computer power
We will offer sets of vCPU / MEM / Storage and bandwidth with unlimited number of users.
1 core / 2 GB / 0,5 TB
2 cores / 4 GB / 0,5 TB
4 cores / 8 GB / 0,5 TB
8 cores / 16 GB / 1 TB
16 cores / 32 GB / 1 TB
+ custom sizes
NFS storage. Additional storage is available under request.
Availability and support
99,9% availability for cloud resources and platform availability. 24*7 2nd level support in English language.
Security and data privacy
Servers are completely used for corporate customers.
Contract terms
Annual contract which can be cancelled one month in advance notice.

Altemista. Everis. Our Offering in public Cloud

Our Offering Private Cloud

Private Cloud
Leverage the cloud behind your firewalls with an innovative approach of private cloud. You will host Altemista Data Platform on your own hardware and you can customize your configuration as you want.This is usually the best option for teams who want to take care of all the details of the configuration and who do not care about the added complexity of hosting it themselves.
We will be offering the complete private cloud on-premise with a minimum number of 4 computing nodes (176 cores / 1024GB / 16TB).
Customer Data Center.
Basic Back-up or integration with customer solution.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack and OpenShift, Cloud Forms.
Dell servers.
EMC Storage.
Custom Options
Hardware providers can be changed but affecting the price and set up duration.
Containers layer can be deployed over customer infrastructure.
These options must be consulted with technical team.

Altemista. Everis. Our Offering Private Cloud

An updated Cloud Platform

Our services
Always continuous evolution. We will also provide services.
Our Services follow an approach that focuses on helping our customers achieve their desired business outcomes:
Support and evolution
We will provide a support service that also includes the evolution of the platform. This service is included in the price for the Public dedicated cloud (SaaS) and in the first year for the on-premise solution. In the latter case, it will have to be renovated the following years.
Support service: Customer Care access, Chat support, Open a support case online, Standard response times, Online diagnostic tools.
Special Support service. It is possible to add Optional Support Services to Standard Support with direct access to senior-level Support resources.
Support. 99,9% availability for cloud resources, 99,9% platform availability, 24*7 2nd level support in English.
Evolution: Our team of experts will be monitoring and trying new tools constantly so that the set of DevOps tools of our cloud DevOps platform is at the edge of the art. We will be providing new releases as new set of tools are integrated in the platform.
Integration service
In addition to the complete set of tools we offer in our DevOps solution for the complete DevOps value chain, we offer the possibility of integrating any other tool requested by the clients in our open platform.
Solution Shuttle service
To create and test new products through the use of the innovation platform dedicated to the development of new products or services in the Cloud which meet the needs of the market and our clients.
Consulting services
Our team knows the difficulties involved with deploying and integrating a solution across your enterprise. We’ll support you to clearly define your goals and define the actions for success.
Finding a transformative software solution is just the beginning when taking your business to the next level. We’ll help you configure your Altemista Cloud Platform solutions while enabling your team to quickly adopt and take advantage of your new capabilities.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


In order to learn about the scope of our services, or be given answers to any doubts you may have, please get in touch with us.