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A Customizable Cloud Platform

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Altemista. Everis. Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform for Continuous Productivity
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03 A Customizable Cloud Platform

Altemista. Everis. A Customizable Cloud Platform for Continuous Productivity

Full stack Cloud Platform

NTT DATA Altemista Cloud is the answer to enable your digitial business by aim of agile IT platforms that support both, the legacy IT as well as the new agile IT mode.
It is a full service consisting of all necessary components and services to rapidly provide innovative solutions for your digital business including your legacy infrastructure.

Altemista. Everis. Fullstrack Cloud Perform


Support Bimodal IT (IaaS and CaaS).
Cloud solution agnostic.
State-of-the-art CI/CD toolset.
Highly customizable with help of plug-in concept.
Ships with standard dashboard metrics*.
Free of charge, no licenses**.

Altemista. Everis. Benefits
*based on http://dashing.io/
**except licenses for commercial products (optional)


The Altemista Cloud Platform is a web Marketplace that allows users to auto generate their own an adapted delivery platform on demand, creating automatically a workspace that covers all the delivery phases and implements Continuous Development and Release management practices.
The workspace to be generated can contain:
Portal: Provides the functionalities for the different types of users to create their development environments and the dashboards that allow to follow the development indicators.
DevOps: The marketplace allows users to auto generate a complete workspace on demand, selecting the ALM tools to use and the testing and deployment environments needed.
CaaS: Supports container management and accessibility by using standard technologies.
IaaS: Isolate the infrastructure management and Virtual Machines creation, using an automated VM generation to be consumed by the project.

Altemista. Everis. Functionalities


Portal for the selection and creation of environments and services based on templates (VM’s, Containers).
Support for multi-language services and framework deployment (java, python, ruby, nodejs, WordPress, Drupal, BPM, ESB).
DevOps suite of tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment.
Monitoring of physical resources and applications.

Altemista. Everis. Functionalities


Management portal:

Marketplace: Contains the set of templates available for users to create their own development environments in a self -sufficient way.
Smart Monitoring using artificial intelligence for the predictive monitoring.
Productivity: Platform usage status based on KPIs.


Suite of open source products.


PaaS platform offering containers support based on Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Registry and Routing features.


Management infrastructure resources (Server, Network, Storage)
KVM as an element to provide virtualization to the physical infrastructure.
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