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cloud strategy definition and roadmap

to design route which, step by step, leads you towards the safe adoption of the Cloud
We help companies to define a complete strategy for Cloud adoption, which is aligned with their IT and overall strategies, including a detailed roadmap and an action plan to achieve this. Prioritization for actions and projects to be implemented which have an associated budget are established.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


Cloud adoption is analysed in a holistic way within the company, taking into account the various action domains, from both a technological and non-technological business perspective. Within each domain, 5 possible levels are defined, which reflect Cloud adoption maturity.

A working plan is defined within a detailed methodology, which includes:

  • Meetings with key personnel within the organization, in order to be able to extract all the relevant information, and with those who will subsequently work on moving the adoption projects forward.
  • Business objectives to be reached thanks to the Cloud are defined.
  • There is an evaluation of the current adoption status, and the adoption status needed in order to obtain these business objectives.
  • The domains for action where there is a gap, and which thus require work, are identified.
  • A Hybrid IT roadmap and a working plan to obtain the level of adoption in those domains with a gap are established, which will help us to achieve the business objectives.
  • Work is done on the possible barriers to adoption which may arise, even before they appear, and actions are determined to mitigate them.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey

solutions and assets

We have two powerful tools and methodologies which provide a proven guarantee when undertaking this service:

  • CMM (Cloud Maturity Model), methodology and tool to design cloud adoption strategies.
  • NTT DATA M2CLOUD. A tool we work on jointly with our colleagues at NTT DATA Inc in the USA.

As a result of the project, full documentation is provided which clearly describes current company assets and its as-is situation, and the transformation plan (to-be), stating the aims, containing indicators, actions, budgets and risks.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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