success story: international airlines holding

Migration of Murex MX.3 to AWS for an international airlines holding, enhancing agility and efficiency with an end-to-end managed service.

Murex is an enterprise capital markets technology, MX.3, for trading, risk & operations.

In 2020, it launched its AWS Cloud movement initiative, with NTT DATA as the main partner for this task.

Through our Architecture Service, we are responsible for defining the implementation models as well as for the migration of existing systems to the Cloud, specifically AWS.

We provide a solution for delivering Murex development environments in AWS, supporting MX.3’s lifecycle in a cloud scenario under cloud standard IT governance framework: Operations baseline, Security baseline and cost optimized. Murex solution was deployed for an international airlines consortium.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The client is an international airlines corporation that has been using Murex MX.3 to manage their treasury since 2015; in 2019 NTT DATA was brought in to manage the first level technical and functional support of the solution. Throughout interviews with various stakeholders, the NTT DATA team identified a series of challenges that the client was facing and suggested migrating to a more efficient service model leveraging Cloud technology.

The main challenges that were identified:

  • The maintenance of the infrastructure was distributed among several providers. MX.3 was hosted on-premise and supported by several IT teams.
  • The process of launching new developments was rigid and complex, leading to a high “time to market”.
  • The infrastructure was outdated so the MX.3 operating system and database had to be upgraded in order to continue benefiting from Murex’s support.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The NTT DATA team developed a business case on migrating MX.3 to the Cloud and after presenting the positive results, the client agreed to start the project and evolve their support model to an end-to-end managed service provided by NTT DATA.

The main benefits for the client:

  • Resource optimization using hardware capabilities only when necessary (pay-as-you-go) with full billing transparency.
  • Scale up and down the Murex infrastructure, leveraging the unlimited capacity offered by AWS.
  • Accelerate the provision of the MX.3 environment from days to minutes.
  • Simplify and automate the MX.3 environment management activities evolving toward a CI model, reducing operational risk.
  • Switch to an end-to-end managed service by everis, increasing the efficiency and reducing dependencies by moving from 5 different support teams to only 1.
  • Reduce TCO and time-to-market for new projects through automation and immediate hardware availability.

The migration to the Cloud was initially planned as a “Lift and Shift” but during the evaluation of the project it was redefined because some on-premises features were obsolete and others could not be migrated to the AWS architecture. The multi-phase project lasted 9 months after which the MX.3 Production environment went live in AWS.

The project was split in 4 different phases: assessment, build, testing and go-live.

During the first phase the team performed an initial assessment which included a detailed analysis of the security and third-party application integration. Given the high importance of security risks, the teams collaborated with the client’s Chief Information Security Officer. Once the assessment was finished, the NTT DATA team worked with the client’s internal technical teams to understand the architecture of the on-premise environments and how it could be adjusted to the specific requirements of the AWS architecture.

The second phase was the build phase. Following an agile methodology, in less than a month, the NTT DATA team delivered a standalone MX.3 environment based on AWS which allowed the client to start the functional validation. In parallel, the NTT DATA team managed to integrate third-party applications such as market data, pricing, trading, and payment platforms.

The main challenge of this phase was to meet the connectivity and security requirements:

  • Connectivity: the network’s architecture was redefined in order to be able to access MX.3 remotely through a secure public IP.
  • Security: Compliance rules had to be taken into consideration to meet client and market regulator policies.

Also, during this phase, the NTT DATA team migrated the workflow scheduler from Control-M to an open-source software. This activity implied carrying out an in-depth analysis of the batch (both at a daily and end-of-day level) and preparing some tailor-made developments to be able to meet the initial milestones.

The third phase consisted in testing the solution. One of the main challenges of this phase was to prepare and coordinate the different business areas and all the stakeholders involved. An extensive set of tests covering all functionalities together with a comprehensive test plan were established to ensure that all tests were completed in less than three weeks. On the other hand, before going live on the Cloud, the team prepared a dress rehearsal to align all parties involved. This step was key to ensure all parties were prepared to carry out the migration on the go-live date.

The final phase was the Go-Live and stabilization. During the first week after the Go-Live, only one non-critical incident was reported, which was solved on the same day. The migration was transparent for the business and it didn’t have any impact on the end users. The NTT DATA team received congratulations from both the client and the business.

For this complex project, NTT DATA had a team of 6 people including 2 Murex experts and 4 Cloud specialists:

  • The Cloud Architect together with the Murex Architect defined the target architecture model in AWS.
  • The Network expert defined the network flows and firewall rules.
  • The Murex team reviewed the operation of all critical Murex processes and redefined the end-of-day processes.
  • The Cloud team deployed the architecture and applied the security policies.
NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The project was delivered on time, on quality, and on budget. The platform is currently up and running and the main benefits are:

  • The end-of-day batch procedure duration decreased by approximately 50%.
  • Costs were reduced in several ways, for example terminating licenses for software such as Control-M or moving Oracle databases to RDS.
  • The dimensioning of the servers has been reduced, after the review performed during the assessment phase proved that they were oversized.
  • The RTO (Recovery Time Objective) improved dramatically given that the current servers work in high availability and in different availability zones, allowing them to recover from a crash in a few minutes.
  • The time dedicated to create a backup has been drastically reduced after all obsolete data were deleted during the migration.
  • The operating costs have been reduced as a result of NTT DATA operating as a single service provider (infrastructure, infrastructure management and MX.3 first level application support).

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


The extensive knowledge in both Murex solutions and AWS, together with the global coordination of the project by the multidisciplinary teams, allowed NTT DATA to deliver the best solution for the client while respecting the deadlines the teams committed to. The close partnerships with both Murex and AWS also played a key role in the success of this migration because of the full alignment and long-standing relationships between the centers of excellence and the partner’s teams.

NTT DATA cloud adoption journey


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