NTT DATA sponsors the Bilbao SAP innovation tour

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NTT DATA is the sole sponsor of the SAP Innovation Tour, which is held in Bilbao on 14th February. As a new addition, two special sessions were held, one for Heads of HR, and the other for Heads of Procurement – CPO´s.

NTT DATA will have the honour of being the sole sponsor for this event, which will be an opportunity to discover and acquire greater knowledge of each of the latest most innovative technological proposals, to understand how they will affect our business and our sector and, the most innovative in this format, in which there will be two special sessions, one aimed at HR Heads and the other at Heads of Procurement – CPO´s.

The event will not only feature the expert hand of SAP, but also key figures from the local specific environment in this area, together with the most relevant practical cases told by those most closely involved; businesses that have already begun this digital transformation process.


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